Fowler offers the most coin laundry listings in the Mid Atlantic. We only choose laundry locations that meet specific criteria. Fowler has years of experience in helping investors build coin laundries and purchase existing stores. We’ve been in the industry since 1952 and have helped thousands of people establish coin laundries by providing sites, site analysis, financing, design, construction and operations guidelines. We’ve enabled investors to increase their income and earn a substantial return on investment.

Here are just some of the reasons FOWLER should be your choice for laundry equipment and solutions:

  • FOWLER provides only the BEST laundry equipment brands available.
  • FOWLER backs up its equipment sales with a complete parts and service department fully equipped to solve any technical problems that may occur quickly and promptly.
  • FOWLER'S purchasing power means you get the BEST VALUE.
  • FOWLER'S experience means you benefit from unprecedented expertise!
  • FOWLER is committed to serving you!
  • FOWLER has FINANCING for your equipment needs!
  • FOWLER has a FULLY STOCKED warehouse!

Most people aren’t familiar with the coin laundry industry and often overlook it as an investment. There are many significant benefits to this type of investment. A coin laundry is a cash business with no inventory or accounts receivable. A coin laundry provides a necessary service for the millions of people who don’t own a washer or dryer. Labor is minimal and and no special training or skills are required to run a coin laundry. You are paid in advance for the service you’re providing, cash in hand.

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At Fowler, our philosophy is to build long lasting customer relationships. After supplying the equipment that meets your needs, we continue to support you with parts and service. Our goal is to respond to any issues quickly and efficiently to minimize your downtime. Our service team is factory trained and certified, so you’re guaranteed resolution on the spot. Our parts department is stocked with all major brands.

OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Contact FOWLER today to discuss this exciting opportunity! Call 1-800-334-1824 x127 or e-mail info@fowlercompanies.com