GSA Excel Laundry Equipment

Interview with Dean Fowler, Government Sales Consultant for Excel Laundry Equipment

(A Division of the Fowler Companies)

Military Magazine Interview

Q: What types of equipment do you provide for the military?

A: Excel Laundry Equipment provides the military with laundry equipment ranging from the smallest top load washer to the largest On-Premise machine with over 200 lbs capacity.

Q: How is this equipment used in the military?

A: The laundry equipment we distribute is used all across our nation’s military, as well as in our state and local government facilities. We have machines in all types of facilities, ranging from base dorms to military hospitals, fitness centers and billeting facilities around the globe.

Q: Describe the features that make this product advantageous to use, especially for MWR facilities.

A: Our lineup of commercial laundry products are known for their ease of use, and most importantly, for their dependability. This greatly enhances turn around time for programs with the fitness center and other recreational activities. Our “efficient” laundry equipment greatly reduces down time.

Q: Please provide a list of installations that are using these products.

A: We have laundry equipment in use around the globe. Our flexibility and numerous options ensure that we can accommodate even the most remote areas.

Q: Describe one product that has been well received by the military.

A: One product that has been well received by the military community is our Whirlpool “Space-Saver” stack washer/dryer combos. These have been sold in CONUS and overseas, as well. Their large capacities, together with their small size and low water usage, make these a great fit anywhere.

Q: Are there any trends you have noticed from military buyers shopping for laundry equipment?

A: One trend that I have seen over the last few years is energy saving. People have begun to really embrace the idea of “Going Green” and protecting our environment and natural resources. I truly believe that our laundry equipment is right in line with that way of thinking. We have numerous applications that boast low water usage and energy conservation.

Q: Please provide one to two buying tips, or things to look for, when purchasing laundry equipment.

A: Some things to look out for when purchasing laundry equipment is to determine what size equipment you will need. If the equipment is being purchased for dorm or barrack use, then a standard size (14 lbs) should work well for you. If this is being used for a larger application, such as a fitness center, you would want anything in the range of 20 lbs all the way up to 200 lbs capacity. Also, consider the type of voltage requirements you have and what kind of specifications you need, whether it be gas, electric, or steam.

Excel Laundry, DBA Fowler Equipment Company, is a leader in providing commercial laundry solutions to all types of military facilities around the globe. With applications ranging from the single load washer for personal clothes, to the largest military hospital, we are determined to give you, the buyer, a better product that features energy savings, ease of use, and, of course, unmatched dependability.