Recent Trends in the Government Laundry Facility

In an ever-changing world, the value of basic necessities constantly increases. Unlike in the past, washing clothes does not consist of using a bucket and soap. Today’s advanced technology allows individuals to do laundry in a quicker fashion and in larger quantities. However, there are remaining issues of rising costs in utilities and raising the standard of cleaning quality in compact equipment. What’s more, with the current state of the economy, the number one issue on many consumers’ minds is saving money. This isn’t more prevalent than in the commercial laundry business. Saving the customer money, without sacrificing quality, is Excel Laundry Equipment’s number one goal as a commercial laundry distributor.

The Whirlpool high efficiency commercial washer provides the government with the highest quality of equipment out there. With the soaring cost of water, gas, and electric bills, the price of utilities has been the forefront of our customers’ concerns. Recently, manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment have been releasing products that combat these rapidly rising costs. This Whirlpool washer provides the best results for washing laundry, despite the downturn in the economy, because it carries the energy star label. Front load commercial washers with the energy star rating are the latest and greatest in the business. They utilize superior cleaning technology, while slashing utility costs at an amazing rate.

Another trend I have noticed over the last few years in the commercial laundry business is the consumer demand for space. Space saving units have become a big part of the industry in recent years. Size has become important as a result of people needing more usable living space, and the continued need for “stacked” equipment. Contrary to the past, smaller machines no longer mean a reduced wash quality. These machines are saving space, and at the same instance, saving money and time spent on cleaning clothes. Many of our customers in the government sector need machines that fit in a certain small space. Some examples are on board navy and coast guard vessels. With these units, we can fit a washer and dryer into a space that once only held either.

As you can see, there have been some very exciting patterns taking place in the commercial laundry business over the past few years. The industry is continuously evolving to accommodate the latest needs of the customer.